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The monthly charge quoted in Activa Lease’s advertisements is based on Financial Lease. The monthly charge only includes the repayment instalment and interest. Road tax is debited to you directly by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. You are responsible for the payments of insurance and maintenance: these items are not included in the monthly charge. You decide the number of kilometres you drive each year; this has no impact on the monthly charge.

The monthly charge is generally based on a contract term of 60 months and an upfront payment of 20% of the purchase price. The purchase price is quoted in the advertisement on the following website: A contract term of less than 60 months is also possible, however the monthly charge changes accordingly. Please note that a contract term of 60 months does not mean that you have to drive this car for a period of 60 months. Changing to a different car before the contract ends is also possible.

You are the economic owner from the start of the contract. The car is also registered in your name. The car is subject to a right of repossession however; i.e. if you fail to pay the monthly amount that is due, the finance company is entitled to seize the car.

Obviously, you can also trade in your car! You can use the value of the car you trade in as a deposit to reduce the monthly charge for your new car. So you do not personally have to sell your car. Activa Lease arranges deregistration of your current car with the Dutch vehicle registration authority (Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer/RDW) and the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Yes of course. If your company is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, we can offer you a lease contract. All we require from you is the Chamber of Commerce registration number, your Dutch bank account number and a copy of your ID (with your signature on it). When you submit your Lease Application, select the “business owner” option.

The advantage of leasing as a business owner is that the interest charges are tax-deductible, so you can reduce the amount of tax you pay. You also do not need to invest personal funds, which you can keep available for your business.

You select a car in the “Lease car range” section on this website. In the advertisement, you see a yellow “Submit lease application” button. You indicate whether you are a private individual or business customer. You enter all your details as accurately as possible. You will receive a lease proposal. If it is acceptable, you sign a purchase contract. After receipt of this purchase contract, the Activa Lease team will request a financial lease arrangement based on the purchase contract. If this is accepted, you sign the financial lease contract. Next, the Activa Lease team processes all the documents and you can collect your car after a few days.

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